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LISD Graduate Profile

Through the input and refinement of our entire #1LISD community, the district recalibrated its Graduate Profile. The Board of Trustees approved the document during its Aug. 26, 2021 meeting. Here is an overview of the body of work with contributions from students and staff.

Watch the video below to learn more about the LISD Graduate Profile and make connections between what your child is doing at school and the attributes found in the LISD Graduate Profile.

Does your 3rd-5th grade child like to build, design, invent, create, perform, and work with a team to solve challenges? If so, he or she might be interested in participating in Destination Imagination (DI). Destination Imagination (DI) is an extracurricular, school-sponsored program that fosters creativity, team-based problem-solving skills and life skills for students. Leander ISD Destination Imagination is open to all students in third through fifth grade. If you are interested in learning more about Destination Imagination, please visit the Bagdad Elementary DI Page. Each team must have a team manager to facilitate team practices. I've also attached a document that goes over the team manager responsibilities. If your child is interested in participating in DI, please read the DI information found on the QUEST website. All registration forms are due by Friday, October 7th. Contact Monica Warr or Elizabeth Sanchez at Bagdad Elem.


Principal Monica de la Garza-Conness


Monica de la Garza-Conness

Principal: Monica De la Garza-Conness - 512-570-5900

Assistant Principal: John Hurtado - 512-570-5900

Administrative Assistant: Lisa Brown - 512-570-5911

Receptionist: Maria Sanchez - 512-570-5900

Registrar: Laura Escobar - 512-570-5900

Counselor: Laura Ferrer - 512-570-5917

Counselor: Laura Del Giudice- 512-570-5922

Clinic: Nurse Vanessa Wiley, RN - 512-570-5916

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